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Today's Pool Hours - 10a to 8p  
Pool Rules
  1. The pool manager, lifeguards, Swim Club Management Group, and QRA Board members have the authority to enforce all rules and regulations as specified below. They may eject violators, as they deem necessary.
  2. All members and their guests must register at the pool front gate and pay guest fees as appropriate.
    • A “guest” is designated as someone living / residing outside the Queensmill subdivision.
    • Residents of Queensmill and Queensmill North who are not regular members of the QRA are not eligible to be guest at any time unless otherwise specified by the QRA board.
    • A QRA member must accompany all guests. Guest age 2 and under are free.
    • For “guest” described above there will be a $5 per day guest fee payable to the guard at time of entry. Non-swimming guests will not be charged a guest fee Mon – Fri. All guest must pay $5 (swimming or non swimming) guest fee Saturday and Sunday. *Non-swimming pavilion guest exempt from guest fee.
    • Members may obtain a “Guest Pass” from the pool manager for house guest whose visit exceeds three (3) days.
  3. Children under the age of ten (10) must be accompanied by an adult or a member 13 years old or older, who must supervise each child’s activities.
  4. Proper swimming attire must be worn. No cutoffs. All small children must have bathing suits over their swim diaper or training pants. Regular diapers are not allowed in the pool.
  5. No glass containers are permitted on the pool deck. No food or drinks may be consumed in the pool itself. No gum. All trash must be placed in the trash containers.
  6. The pool manager, lifeguards, and QRA Board members may restrict the use of radio or audio devices on QRA property; headphones are recommended.
  7. No running, pushing, horseplay, or shoulder wrestling is allowed.
  8. Divers must dive or jump straight out from the diving board.
  9. Only one person at a time is allowed on the diving board at a time. Maximum weight for the diving board is 250 pounds. No one is allowed in the diving well while others are on the diving board.
  10. No animals are permitted inside the pool fence.
  11. Face masks, balls, floats, and other objects are permitted in the pool at the lifeguard’s discretion.
  12. The wading (baby pool) pool is for non-swimmers age 5 and under. Any child in the baby pool area must be under the direct supervision of an adult or parent, who also must be in the baby pool fence.
  13. QRA is not responsible for loss of valuables for any person using the facilities. The lifeguard(s) are not permitted to hold valuables for any person.
  14. The pool manager and lifeguards are responsible for maintaining rules and discipline at the pool. Adults are expected to act responsible at all times. A detention chair is to be used for any youth who does not adhere to the pool rules. A “first call down” will result in a 15 minutes in the chair; the “second call down” will result in ejection from the pool property for the remainder of the day. A second ejection will require the offender’s parent(s) to meet with the pool manager and the QRA board to regain access to the pool deck. Infractions deemed serious enough could result in immediate ejection. Guards will log all infractions for review.
  15. Conversations with the guards while they are “on-duty” should be kept to a minimum.
  16. Members must coordinate with the QRA membership chairperson and pool manager one week prior to inviting groups of ten (10) or more to the pool during regular pool hours.
  17. In accordance with the Red Cross guidelines and the QRA liability insurance policy, adult swim is called once every hour. Adult swim is 15 minutes in length, there is no adult swim called the first hour of operation. Adult swim is called the last hour of operation. Children 3 and under are allowed to work with an adult swimmer during adult swim on a “one on one” basis.
  18. Queensmill residents must be members and in good standing with QRA to participate on the Queensmill swim team.
  19. Smoking is ONLY allowed in designated areas outside of the pool fence.

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